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With the leadership of Richard Thach, Miss Cambodia Wichita (MCW) was founded in August 2019 by a group of students from Wichita State University's Thai, Lao, & Cambodian Association who strives for the Cambodian culture to be known in the Wichita community. 

Prior to this pageant, Miss Cambodia Wichita was selected through an essay process to then compete in Miss Wichita Asian Festival. However, there was no pageant for the process. The Miss Cambodia Wichita Pageant Committee hopes to create a platform for young Cambodian-American women to be able to compete in the Miss Wichita Asian Festival Pageant and serve the Cambodian community through various community projects. Additionally, this pageant is an opportunity for young Cambodian-American women to earn scholarships that assist with future educational and business endeavors.

In 2021, the first-ever Miss Cambodia Wichita Pageant was held virtually on June 26th with the leadership of Mai-Nhanh Dao. You can view the pageant video on our YouTube Channel and learn about the 2021 crowning court down below.

2021 Crowning Court


Photo Credits to Elizabeth Thi Photography LLC


Miss Cambodia Wichita 2021

Kendra San


1st Princess 2021,

Elizabeth Thi

IG @doseofthi


2nd Princess 2021,

Nancy Thach

IG @nancythach

Thai, Lao, & Cambodian Association 

The Miss Cambodia Wichita Pageant is under the umbrella of the Wichita State University's Thai, Laos, and Cambodian Association (TLC). With that. the current Cultural Chair holds the responsibility of being the current Executive Director of the MCW Pageant. The current title holder of Miss Cambodia Wichita shall be the liaison between the TLC Executive Board and the Cambodian Community.

This year's TLC Cultural Chair and MCW Executive Director is Mai-Nhanh Dao.


Photo Credits to Elizabeth Thi Photography LLC

TLC Executive Board Pictured from Right to Left:

Vanessa Bathoummy (Marketer)

Mai-Nhanh Dao (Cultural Chair)

Ameera Robinson (Social Chair)

Tinal Dalton (Secretary)

Derric Luong (Vice President)

Kristy Pham (Treasurer)

Jesse Methman (President)

Anita Phanthavong (Engagement Chair)

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